First Day Nerves

Have you found yourself standing in an unfamiliar building, surrounded by strangers and trying really hard to think how you could join in the conversation?

This was me today – I started my new job today and despite actually really looking forward to it, first day insomnia struck me at just after 4 this morning.  The benefit of this is my kitchen is nice and clean!

Olivia returned to nursery after our 6 weeks together and I set off down the motorway to my new school.  I arrived bright and early and hit my first problem – where did I need to go? When did our meetings start?  Who can I ask?  Luckily I wasn’t the only new one and got chatting to another new member of staff and we both managed to find our way to the meeting.

Next comes introductions “I will introduce all new staff individually and they can come up the front so everyone can see them!” – how embarrassing all I could see was a sea of faces when it was my turn to go up.  It was then I recognised a face in the crowd – an old school friend was also one of the new people and she recognised me at the same time!  We spent the tea break catching up.

My room is an empty shell with 2 boxes in which I presume are my shelves and I spent the afternoon writing a list of all the things I need and spending the schools money.

This is the start of my next adventure I have finally got my Reading Recovery Teacher job and it may only be a years contract but I am determined to make the best of it in the hope that I can get another contract and continue to do a job I really believe in.

Mr Bloom and Friends’ Big Day Out

The long anticipated Bank Holiday Weekend had arrived we had lots of busy days planned:

Friday – visiting Olivia’s Godfather and my best friend from university

Saturday – Supposed to be a picnic with my friends and their children but due to the rain we changed it to an afternoon in soft play!

Sunday – Swimming followed by CBeebies Mr Bloom’s Big Day Out at Mote Park in Maidstone.

Mr Bloom and Friend's big day out

The event was being held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and was free to attend.  We were there at about 11am on the Sunday but Olivia was so tired from the previous few days and swimming we didn’t stay for long.

Upon arrival the first thing you notice is a range of different tents and a stage which when we arrived had Rastamouse and his crew singing and dancing on and Rebecca presenting the action.


We managed to get straight in to see Mr Bloom’s show (also free)  and it was well worth it, truly interactive with the children with lots of singing and dancing and of course Mr Bloom and the Veggies.  Olivia really enjoyed this but wasn’t interested in much else so we decided to take her home for a sleep and return the next day when she had recovered.

Mr Bloom's Nursery

The Monday saw a return to the sunny weather and so the event was a lot busier than the day before but before we could do anything Olivia insisted on watching Mr Bloom again so we queued for a bit in the standby queue (we hadn’t managed to get any of the pre-book tickets but there was still plenty of room for people waiting in the standby queue).

Then Olivia was ready to explore we discovered a range of activities in the tents including, Rastamouse Reggae Dance School, planting seeds, creepy crawlies, veg stall with shopping lists and pretend tills, making bats, butterfly feeders, bumble bee cups and loads more.  We spent over 4 hours at the event on Monday and it took a lot of convincing Olivia it was time to go.

Making  Bumble Bee



Den building



As we walked away she declare the day as a great day and Mr Bloom as amazing!  So I think I can say it was a success and great to see something that all these children could take part in and sing, dance and cheer as much as they like.


I need to get fit and lose weight

Today my ‘fat jeans’ are a bit too tight!

I have decided that I need to sort myself out and begin to feel comfortable with myself.  I worked out my BMI as 26.67 which is officially overweight.

In the past I have used Slim Fast to lose half a stone before my sister’s wedding but I have decided this time I need to look seriously at my diet. The first change I am making is to limit my snacking – not easy at the moment as I am on summer holidays and at home a lot with a 3 year old who tends to graze through the day.

I have signed up to MyFitnessPal and am now logging what I eat everyday – for the first time ever I’m actually looking at calories on what I eat and it’s beginning to make me realise how much I was actually overeating through the day, those extra biscuits with a cup of tea and the chocolate in the evening.  I’m not going to deny my self these treats but I am going for moderation and do I really need them.  Obviously some days we do NEED chocolate and biscuits but not every day as a habit!

My next step is exercise before I went to university (many years ago) I danced a lot and was reasonably fit it has all gone down hill since then.  I belonged to a gym during university (on campus) and joined a gym when I moved back home.  When we moved to our present home and started saving for a wedding etc. we stopped the gym membership and since then apart from the odd keep fit class I haven’t really done anything.

I need something that won’t cost me anything and have thought about walking and think this may be the answer for me.  So I have downloaded mapmywalk and now need to get myself motivated to go walking before the nights start getting darker or I need to convince the 3 year old to walk faster and further!

My next step is to take a photo (just looked through our recent ones and it seems I’m the one that takes the photos!)

Any simple keep fit eat healthy tips welcome please.



Cardboard Box Ice Cream Van

Always a sucker for a free gift Olivia asked for the CBeebies magazine which came with a free ice cream/lolly play set this started a discussion about Ice Cream Vans and wanting to sell her ones from an Ice Cream Van.

We found a large cardboard box that I had been storing old clothes in but was empty now after a recent selling spree on Ebay!  Once she had gone to bed I opened it up and constructed the Van ready for painting in the morning.

2013-07-30 19.57.00 I then printed off some menus and ice creams from Twinkl ready to decorate and made some cones from the of cuts of the cardboard box.

2013-07-30 20.21.20 2013-07-30 21.40.19


The next morning painting started and we used a lot of pink!  The box took all day to dry and collapsed from the wetness and weight!

2013-07-31 08.31.13 2013-07-31 08.53.50


We left it to dry and I propped the box back up with flower support sticks and today we have decorated the box.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis evening has been spent serving us ice creams and all the toys have been queuing up for a try as well.  My plan is to make some playdough/moon dust in different colours to make ice creams with.  The main thing is I will be following Olivia’s lead on this and seeing where it takes us.