Summer is finally here!

We are having a heatwave – Now most people are excited about this but to me it just means more sneezing, itchy eyes and being very tired!  Hayfever sucks but I refuse to let it spoil this time while Olivia is now enjoying playing outside so much.

My sister has given us her old paddling pool which is huge and despite muttering about it ruining his grass (he grew it from seed so is very proud of it) my husband has embraced the pool and joined in the fun.  The water meter isn’t so keen!



I managed to sit in the sun and read my book whilst they played in the pool.  Dinner was eaten on the picnic blanket in the evening sun.  Once Olivia was in bed I followed swiftly – hayfever seems to make me very tired!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunday brought more sunshine and more fun.  In the morning I noticed a strange cloud which was covering the sun -I later discovered it was smoke from a big fire at the recycling depot nearby.  Windows had to be shut and we went out for the day.  Picnic in the park with friends from our antenatal class then off to my friends parents help where they were visiting for the weekend. They had their 6 grandchildren round for a birthday party so Olivia stripped off and joined in with their water fights!  We were only supposed to be dropping a card off but stayed to watch the end of Wimbledon then an argument over some dolls sent us going early with a screaming, tired Olivia!

So a busy weekend which ended with a very hot house due to already mentioned fire so a restless night for all.


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