First Day Nerves

Have you found yourself standing in an unfamiliar building, surrounded by strangers and trying really hard to think how you could join in the conversation?

This was me today – I started my new job today and despite actually really looking forward to it, first day insomnia struck me at just after 4 this morning.  The benefit of this is my kitchen is nice and clean!

Olivia returned to nursery after our 6 weeks together and I set off down the motorway to my new school.  I arrived bright and early and hit my first problem – where did I need to go? When did our meetings start?  Who can I ask?  Luckily I wasn’t the only new one and got chatting to another new member of staff and we both managed to find our way to the meeting.

Next comes introductions “I will introduce all new staff individually and they can come up the front so everyone can see them!” – how embarrassing all I could see was a sea of faces when it was my turn to go up.  It was then I recognised a face in the crowd – an old school friend was also one of the new people and she recognised me at the same time!  We spent the tea break catching up.

My room is an empty shell with 2 boxes in which I presume are my shelves and I spent the afternoon writing a list of all the things I need and spending the schools money.

This is the start of my next adventure I have finally got my Reading Recovery Teacher job and it may only be a years contract but I am determined to make the best of it in the hope that I can get another contract and continue to do a job I really believe in.

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