Time to tackle the Threenager!

My Cheeky Monkey!

Olivia is almost 3 years 5 months and definitely knows what she wants.  This weekend I took her with me while I visited a friend from university days and her daughter who is six months younger than my whirlwind.

Having arrived after a 2 1/2 hour journey which Olivia slept for 2 hours for I wasn’t expecting an early bedtime – eventually after battling for a while I went to bed with her at 10.30pm she was then up at 7am (6am – the clocks went forward!).  This made for a very grumpy non compliant 3 year old!   A walk to the pond to feed the ducks (on a frozen pond) resulted in a battle of wills as she tried to demand me carrying her back to the flat from the pond – it also resulted in a very ‘kind’ gentleman telling me that mothers shouldn’t be spin doctors (after I explained she was tired) and that children should behave!  Thanks for that I will remember to inform Olivia of that!

There were the normal arguments over toys between the girls but nothing too bad and as they both love imaginative play they had a lovely time together.

Another ‘problem’ I had over the weekend were the small wee accidents because playing was too exciting.  Olivia has been out of nappies since last June but we still regress occasionally.  Good job I packed plenty of spare knickers.

The second day after a 12ish hour sleep she woke with a smile but it didn’t last after a trip to the shops and then to the playground where I dared to zip and button up her coat when she didn’t want it on – it had been snowing earlier in the day.  Home for lunch and chocolate nest making.  Then off to my friends ex – husbands house for an egg hunt with the girls and pizza.  Before the time to say goodbye and travel home tantrum!

We had a lovely weekend but I decided that it is time to sort a few things out.  So today Olivia and I found a Sleeping Beauty sticker chart and agreed on 4 targets – No accidents, Get dressed in the morning without a fuss, Walk when out and don’t whine to be picked up and Do as Mummy/Daddy say without arguing (within reason).  Every time she earns 4 stickers she is allowed some chocolate from her stash of Easter Eggs.  She also wants a pink skipping rope which is an end target for her.

I’m in two minds about a sticker chart but actually what is working is when she does argue I tell her that I am going to get her sticker and she then does as I have asked.  I don’t expect complete compliance but I think it will make for a happier Mummy and Olivia.  Plus it means she isn’t eating all her Easter Chocolate in one go!

In one day she has earned 6 stickers.

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2 thoughts on “Time to tackle the Threenager!

  1. Sticker charts can work wonders although my daughter always pinches the stickers for craft projects. Be careful on linking weeing and stickers. Accidents do happen and usually not with any fault on part of child. ERIC website can be useful on such things.

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